Our Partners

National Community Church

Many Brothers is an independent ministry supported by National Community Church in Washington DC. The idea for the program began with a missions trip led by NCC to the Bolivia Life Center in January 2010.  You can watch a video explaining the trauma therapy background of this first trip.  Each year, NCC sends additional teams to Cochabamba to support this Adventure Therapy Program.  Read about their trips in these blog entries!

Bolivia Life Center

Our strategic partner since 2011, the Bolivia Life Center orphanage has served as the home base for the program, as well as the residence of our first participants.  Our founder, Brian McArthur, also lived and worked as a dorm supervisor at the BLC for more than three years.  The Bolivia Life Center was built and is operated by Children’s Impact Network, a non-profit based in Lake Worth, Florida.

Casa de Vida

A half-way house for young men in the Cochabamba area run by Children’s Impact Network, the Casa de Vida is home to our program’s first participants.  Some of these young men now serve as assistants in leading adventure therapy activities with younger participants.

Casa Amistad

This facility, sponsored by the Canadian Baptist Church and run by locals, houses two programs that support roughly 200 street kids and kids whose parents are in jail.  These adolescents used to live in the jail with their parents but by law have been relocated to an orphanage.  We are working with the oldest group, aged 11-18.

Fundación Esperanza

A local foundation that has done an excellent job of stepping in to rescue badly administrated orphanages and turning them around to become places of growth and life for the boys who live there.  We are working with the older boys in two of their orphanages in Chilimarca and Villa Moscu.

Camp Kewiña

A major Christian Camp located on the banks of Lake Corani near Cochabamba, with more than 50 years of effective and exciting work in discipleship and adventure.  Their facilities include a zipline, climbing wall and high ropes course that they have offered for us to use free of charge as part of their ministry toward the young people we bring on our adventure camps.  Plans to enter into a cooperative agreement and partnership are under way, allowing each of us to maximize our resources and the effectiveness of our programs.


After initial approval was obtained from the administration, a pilot program is being developed to work with the residents of this juvenile detention center in Cochabamba.


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